Do you want to be more effective at as a leader?

Do you want to ensure your team perform as well as they can?

You are not alone in this need.  I can help you with one or a combination of these solutions:

  1. Coaching for you (and your team)
  2. Leadership Learning
  3. Coach you to coach better performance .

One of my favourite solutions is the Leadership Conversations framework.  I can help you bring all those skills you have to the surface and install them in a useful and easy framework, with all the tools you need to shine with your own leadership coaching style.

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Would you like to be the best you can be?

Would you like to be confident in what you do every day?

Would you like to lead your team through change?

Then individual leadership coaching could be a solution for you.

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Leadership is a mindset and leadership is a skill.  We work with you and your teams to develop these two facets of being a leader.

In today’s complex world, a mind which is aware, inquisitive and agile  is needed.  To develop a leadership mindset requires an openness to new perspectives… and practice. Lots and lots of practice.  We help you to develop useful mindsets and to practice what the skills you need to be a leader in today’s changing world.

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Do you want to maximise your personal or business performance, balance & shine?

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I am fascinated by how our brains work and therefore how you can use your brain more effectively to shine in whatever you want to do.  I hold a BSc (Hons) in Neurobiology, am a certified Practitioner of Neuro-Lingusitic Programming (NLP), a certified Leadership coach, mBit (multiple brain integration techniques) coach, Life coach and a Strada7 certified coach.  Plus, I care about you creating practical, and useful outcomes.

Leadership Coaching

Work with me to be the best leader you can be.  I have lead teams, and been involved in training and mentoring leaders to lead high performing for over 8 years.  Sessions may include personal branding, leadership conversations, values alignment, career planning and goal setting, amongst many other tools which would be tailored to your individual situation.

Life Coaching

What do you want to achieve?  I will work alongside you to provide the practical information, support and inspiration  you need to get the best from your life and shine. Whether you want to make big changes, set a achieve goals, or simply require a push in the right direction, Anna can provide the resources and support you need.

Team Coaching

All teams have their own ways of operating and working together.  If you want to lift performance, increase motivation and achieve more profit, then I can work with you and your teams to achieve this.  Areas we can work on are values, trust, creativity, problem solving, teamwork, amongst many other ideas.

Small Business Coaching

Are you feeling all on your own in a small business?  I can work with you to help you set direction and achieve goals so your business can be more profitable.  Tools may include personal and business branding, personal and business values, business roles, and goal setting, amongst many possibilities.


Do you need to jump-start your creativity?  We work in such a results driven world, it can be hard to side-step and generate the ideas you need to take the next step or solve problems.  I can work with you or your team to generate brilliant ideas and make sure you know the conditions to keep the channels to your creativity open when you need them.


“I had the great pleasure of working with Anna at the Noel Leeming Group. Anna was a fantastic support to my team and was instrumental in leading the development of team members both in their business and personal growth."
“I found working with Anna very effective. We planned what to do early from the start and worked our way through it to achieve my goals. Anna is very patient, gentle and knowledgeable. She is not pushy or aggressive which I found refreshing. She is a natural and you can see how much she enjoys helping people. I would recommend Anna without a doubt to anyone who is looking to achieve a goal, personal or professional” 
"wow Anna - what a great coach and trainer you are.  I find your presence warm, calm and powerful" 


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