Instructional design is the development of training which actually helps people learn and improve.  An Instructional Designer creates resources (e-learning, workbooks, facilitation guides etc.), based on sound adult learning theories.  This means the best solution is developed in a systematic and practical way to bring about improvements in participants skills and knowledge.  Find out more here and at wikipedia.

Do you want more effective training to help you & your teams or your clients shine?


“Anna's brilliant at applying best practice to the task at hand and being up to date with the latest L&D thinking and research. Also very capable and thorough in managing demanding (and sometimes conflicting) workloads.”
“I worked with Anna during my time at Telecom in Auckland, New Zealand. You know how sometimes, if you're lucky, you find intelligent, dependable people in a big organisations? Those sparkly, bright people who have the right kind of approach, a great set of skills and a really generous attitude? That's Anna - I'd never hesitate to work with her again, if fortune ever favoured me with the opportunity.”
“Anna is passionate about developing people. This passion has led her to become a talented training facilitator and coach, and a highly creative training designer, who always strives to do good work. Definitely a great person to have on your team.”


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